Life’s Major Changes up the Ante for Online Document Storage

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By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

It’s been said that the only sure bets are death and taxes. But there’s another fact of life for that list: Change. Life is dynamic – both challenging and delightful. Major events occur throughout our lives, bringing big changes with them: a first job, marriage, the birth of a child, kids’ milestones, retirement from a long career. And usually, critical documents accompany these changes: birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, tax papers, wills – important papers that need safekeeping.

Life changes present excellent opportunities for your bank to shine as your customers’ primary financial institution.

Playing the odds

Take data […]

How are You Handling Customers’ Emergency Moments?

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 26th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

HERNDON, VA – The Financial Brand published an article this week discussing the “moment of truth” in customer service experience: when a customer is facing an emergency and needs an interaction with their financial institution to be “seamless.”

The article dives into the emergency response of your frontline staff, but have you ever considered how your virtual branch can help your customers during their “moment of truth” encounter with you? Let’s say your customer is stuck in an airport because of terrible weather and they receive a call that their child slipped on a piece of ice […]

StrongBox Encryption Technology Receives Patent

2016-09-17T07:51:46-04:00February 25th, 2015|

HERNDON, VA – Virtual StrongBox (VSB) received its first patent in January, 2015.  The first patent to be issued to Virtual StrongBox by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) relates to our process for capturing files from the SSL stream and saving them to our service, maintaining file protection throughout the process of loading files to the service. At no point in time are end-user files left unprotected.

This now patented process is part of our complete suite of total information privacy protection that includes industry standard encryption at rest, industry standard service enrollment and access, and SSAE 16 audited […]

Virtual StrongBox and Kentucky Bankers Association Partner to Bring New Service to Member Banks

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HERNDON, VA (February 12, 2015) – My Virtual StrongBox®, a leading secure file and document exchange service and digital safe deposit box solution, is now available to member banks of the Kentucky Bankers Association to provide to their retail and business customers.

The My Virtual StrongBox provides bankers with the ability to deliver a secure service channel for customers to store files online, behind online banking if they wish, and to allow those customers to exchange documents and files securely with whomever they wish, including their bank.  The bank may also use the service to exchange and or distribute documents securely with […]