It’s All About the Consumer … Or Is It?

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Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox, Inc.

The other day, my friend, Susan, told me about her experience trying to add a personal hotspot to her iPhone. Susan is a small-business owner who frequently works away from her office, and I’d been on her case to steer clear of public Wi-Fi – it is absolutely not safe! Now, Susan is no tech expert; but she’s fairly adept at consumer apps, regularly using mobile devices to book flights, buy books, write research papers and do her banking. Activating a hotspot on her smartphone seemed simple enough.

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But what proceeded was a primer […]

March 31: World Backup Day Is Coming: Can Members Count On You?

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00March 1st, 2016|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
My Virtual StrongBox, Inc.

A decade ago, when you wanted to show someone pictures of your kids or grandkids, you’d pull a few pictures out of your wallet. Today, we turn on our phones and share the latest video of the baby taking his first steps or the first-grader losing her first tooth.

It also hasn’t been very long since you’d gather up your pile of receipts, W-2s and 1099 statements so you could prepare for tax season. Now, many of those items are sent to you electronically and stored on your computer.

Life is a lot […]