Meet Virtual StrongBox

Imagine innovation, data security and industry knowledge all forged together in one platform. A secure platform that addresses one of the biggest innovation challenges in the financial services sector – the balance of data security and consumer convenience. An intelligent content management platform designed with the highest levels of security, ease of use and convenience that digital customers expect. A platform that is Simple. Secure. Seamless.


Our Customers

Our clients are companies trying to solve pain points in their digital customer journey brought on by legacy technology and workflow. They worry about protecting personally identifiable information in simple, complex digital transformation projects. They look to us for our problem-solving expertise and our powerful library of tools to build custom solutions for those DX pain points and quickly transform the customer journey.


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Our Beginning

The Virtual StrongBox™ journey started when our founder tried to solve a personal pain point – where to store piles of sensitive personal and business documents and files. Cloud storage in 2012 didn’t provide the level of security needed to protect personal information the way financial service firms required. This inspired us to invent and patent new data protection methods and launch our online safe deposit box as our first use case.

From that first use case, we knew that the only thing holding financial service firms back from leveraging the power of the cloud for business process transformation was the lack of a data security-focused platform. We created a platform that protected confidential data in the cloud the “Financial Institution” way. In 2014 that secure platform was launched, and we’ve been helping hundreds of financial service providers launch new products and solve their digital transformation pain points.

Our Vision

Our vision and strategy is quite simple. Virtual StrongBox is striving to be the “data security element” that helps visionaries use the cloud to achieve their consumer experience and cost savings transformations. Our APIs create current and future value by allowing our partners to integrate our secure customer engagement platform with the best-of-breed solutions in their forward-looking strategy.

Security and Convenience

Bridge Between Convenience & Security

Our Mission

We’re in the business of enabling and protecting the collection, storage & exchange of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) between highly regulated enterprises and the digital consumer in their business interactions.

Our Simple, Secure and Seamless consumer engagement platform bridges the gap between security and convenience and helps our customers get work done differently

Our Partners

Our  partners include over 100 financial institutions and growing across the US and Canada. Our platform is vital to their digital transformation initiatives in reg and compliance areas, new products and consumer lending, business lending and commercial lending digital transformation processes (i.e. electronic workflow on collection and exchange of large documentation requirements) and more.

Map of locations of VSB clients
Ron Daly - CEO, President

Ron Daly, President, CEO

Our Founder

In the financial services industry for more than 39 years,  Ron Daly understands the need for companies to improve the customers’ online experience without sacrificing data security. He started Virtual StrongBox to provide highly-regulated financial services industry a secure platform that connects old technology to the modern-day digital consumer.

“Virtual StrongBox was created for visionaries that want to modernize the digital customer’s journey and get work done differently. Those that want (or need) to reimagine how their businesses can interact with customers in the digital world to save money, grow their business and create consumer value. “


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