In 2014 our founder and CEO, Ron Daly, stood on the Finovate Stage and pitched Virtual StrongBox: an online safe deposit box created to protect bank and credit union customers’ most important documents behind online banking.

As a 34-year veteran in the financial services industry, Daly saw a clear need: banks and credit unions could not store their customers’ PII in the cloud.

Hundreds of financial institutions agreed, offering an online safe deposit to their customers. Even the CIA’s credit union trusted the data security provided by My Virtual StrongBox for their members.

A decade later, we’ve secured 17 patents, built dozens of APIS, and integrated in the most popular online banking brands to help hundreds of financial institutions collect and share the most sensitive documents.

We leveraged our patented technology to help the financial services industry exchange sensitive documents with customers and partners, creating the only collaboration platform built lt for bankers by bankers.

We are more than a digital vault.

Virtual StrongBox is the only FFIEC complaint file-sharing tool.

Banks and Credit Unions select Virtual StrongBox because they need an alternative to security-flawed offerings like DropBox or ShareFile.  Our collaboration platform has 17 patents, a built-in virus checker, and SSO integrations.

Our Total Information Privacy and Protection Policy means only the owner of the file has access to the file. Even Virtual StrongBox employees can’t see a file unless granted permission.

Virtual StrongBox is integrated into Q2, Alkami, Jack Henry Banno and more…

Our existing integrations mean the IT team can take a break during Virtual StrongBox’s implementation. The relationships we’ve built with the top financial services companies in North America make it easy to get started with our collaboration tool.

Virtual StrongBox was made for the financial services industry.

Banks and credit unions use Virtual StrongBox to improve customer and employee experience for:

  • SMB file sharing for account opening, business loans, and quarterly financials

  • Collecting loan documentation from customers and non-customers

  • Innovate the Audit & Examination Process

  • Collaborating Internally without File Size Limitations

  • Collecting Files from Indirect Lending Partners & Open Accounts

  • Automatically share files to customers Digital Vaults, like e-receipts or welcome packages

Want to see how Virtual StrongBox can help your financial institution? Request a demo or send us a message today.