By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

HERNDON, VA – The Financial Brand published an article this week discussing the “moment of truth” in customer service experience: when a customer is facing an emergency and needs an interaction with their financial institution to be “seamless.”

The article dives into the emergency response of your frontline staff, but have you ever considered how your virtual branch can help your customers during their “moment of truth” encounter with you? Let’s say your customer is stuck in an airport because of terrible weather and they receive a call that their child slipped on a piece of ice while playing at their aunt’s house 600 miles away. Their child is on the way to the hospital in a foreign city and your customer feels helpless because they aren’t there to provide much needed historical medical information.

How can your financial institution support a customer in this situation? Your initial reaction may be, “this particular situation doesn’t involve us.” But that is where you are wrong. Credit unions and banks across the county are providing a tool that allows their account holders to have access to their sensitive digital documents no matter where they are in the world. Whether it is their child’s medical history, a copy of their passport or insurance documentation, if your customer is dealing with an emergency, they most likely need to access or the ability to share sensitive documents.

The tool your customer needs during these tense moments is My Virtual StrongBox. The online safe deposit box not only gives your customers a secure place to store their most sensitive documents, but also allows them to send these files securely to their financial institution or a trusted recipient.  Rather than simply worry, your customer could be remotely accessing their My Virtual StrongBox and seamlessly sharing their child’s medical history with the aunt or with the medical professional at the hospital.

With My Virtual StrongBox, your financial institution can take on a unique role in providing assistance to your customers during their most stressful moments. Whether it’s a relentless snowstorm in Massachusetts, tornados in Alabama, or wildfires in California, there are many unanticipated events that can lead to the destruction of or need for your customers’ most sensitive information. No matter the event, you customer can be confident that their documents are safe with their financial institution inside My Virtual StrongBox.

Along with saying you have to provide the ability to serve, the article makes a crucial suggestion about emergency preparation that applies to providers of My Virtual Strongbox: your customers have to know about the service before the storm arrives. If the financial institution raises awareness about the solution and the benefits of storing one’s  most sensitive data in a secure location—rather than somewhere on the internet without knowing who has access to that  information—customers will have a better understanding of how the solution should be utilized, and its value to them.

Once your customers have logged into their Virtual StrongBox, your financial institution has the opportunity to turn on a wizard that both recommends documents to be placed in the online safe deposit box based on that specific customer and illustrates all of the important ways to use the service.

With My Virtual StrongBox your financial institution has the opportunity to provide a unique service that will make a difference in your customers’ lives. To see how Redstone Federal Credit Union marketed My Virtual StrongBox to their members, who suffered from a series of tornadoes that devastated their area, check out their commercial by clicking here.