By Virtual StrongBox

Flashback to the Wild West, when thieves on horses would go to incredible feats to steal whatever the bank was transferring in their strongbox. You’ve seen it in the movies and it truly happened decades ago when that was the only means of transferring money. Now come back to the present, where financial institutions have taken every preventive measure to ensure thieves, hackers, and any other wrongdoers will never access what their customers hold most dear, including their personal information.

The difference between the Wild West and today is the speed of technology. We are no longer constrained to the physical transfer of money or data, and yet, there are still certain transactions that financial institutions have in place that requires customers to do so.

Now I would like you to imagine a future where you have the security of an online safe deposit box, which encrypts files in transfer and at rest, and a secure form to collect your customers’ information. This would allow you to make transactions more quickly and without the extra hassle of printing, mailing, and waiting.

The newest release of Virtual StrongBox makes that futuristic dream a reality. With its secure form and e-Sign capabilities, financial institution employees would have the ability to send applications and documents in an electronically secure way, to a customer’s online safe deposit box. With this feature, when a customer completes the online application, the final copy can be placed in the customer’s StrongBox, sent to the financial institution, or even a third party.

Consider your Call Center Representatives needing to get an ACH form signed. Currently, you might have your customers print out the form, fill it out by hand, then mail it or fax it back to your financial institution. With Virtual StrongBox in place, your rep would only need to share a link with that customer. When the customer clicks the link, they will be brought to the secure form. Once they complete the form, electronically sign it and hit submit, a copy of the signed form is instantly placed in the customer’s and bank or credit union’s strongboxes. That is banking at the speed of technology!

This technology can be used in a variety of ways to help you cut printing and postage costs, as well as save valuable time. We’ve had financial institutions ask if Virtual StrongBox could help get documents from customers, and non-customers, more quickly to help with their lending process. With the online safe deposit box’s document transport system, borrowers can drag and drop files into a folder and use Virtual StrongBox to send it directly to the financial institution. If need be, the borrower or the loan officer can create a secure link, accessed via email, for the file to be transferred. One click and the documents are instantly delivered.

There are so many ways Virtual StrongBox can bring your virtual offerings to the next level. Whether it’s by providing an online safe deposit box for your customers to have a secure place to put their sensitive documents, or by speeding up your transactional processes to make life easier for your employees and your customers. You can stick to the ways of the Wild West or you could take a step into the future. If you take a look at Virtual StrongBox by scheduling a demo today or emailing a representative at, you will be taking a step in the right direction!