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Business Data, Inc. Brings Secure Cloud Technology to Client Financial Institutions, Joins Forces with Virtual StrongBox, Inc. on File Exchange & Storage Solution

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 10th, 2016|

Charlotte, NC and Inglewood, CA (Feb. 9, 2016) – Business Data, Inc., which provides outsource delivery solutions for Web, Print/Mail and Archive, has partnered with Virtual Strongbox, Inc., an expert in financial data security, to jointly develop, market and deploy secure online document and file exchange solutions for BDI’s clients.

Virtual […]

To Your Battle Stations: Protect Member Data

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00January 12th, 2016|

Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox, Inc.

In military circles, they talk a lot about being “combat-ready” – words we don’t usually associate with our industry. But it’s time to take this term to heart, equipping our credit unions and training our members to defeat online thieves.

Just this year we’ve seen […]

Seeing Yesterday Clearly

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00December 7th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

Remember the old saw about hindsight being 20/20? Or, as filmmaker Billy Wilder put it, “Hindsight is an exact science.”

Yes, when something goes wrong, we generally know what we should have done … looking back. But people aren’t especially good at predicting the future. That’s why […]

Reaching Millennials: AKA “Generation Leaky”

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00July 28th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

Everybody’s talking about Millennials. Ask any marketing professional, and you’ll be told Millennials are the target audience.Pick up a B2B magazine, and there they are. And in the banking industry, where the average customer’s age is about 50, discussions center on how vital these 18-34 year […]

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Grants Virtual StrongBox Exclusive Rights to its Secure File-Capture and Encryption-at-Rest Technology

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00May 4th, 2015|


New, patented process has raised the bar on online data and document security

Charlotte, NC. (May 7, 2015) – Technology innovation firm Virtual StrongBox, Inc. is shaking up traditional financial institution security protocols with its announcement that it received U.S. Patent No. 9,003,183 for its […]

Virtual StrongBox Initiative Places Patented Technology Inside Online Banking

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00May 1st, 2015|

Virtual Strongbox joins with Financial Technology provider CU*Answers to open user access to 1.7 million consumers

Charlotte, NC. (May 1, 2015) – Virtual StrongBox, Inc. announced today an agreement with financial technology provider CU*Answers that will provide nearly 2 million consumers to access My Virtual StrongBox via […]

Life’s Major Changes up the Ante for Online Document Storage

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 26th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

It’s been said that the only sure bets are death and taxes. But there’s another fact of life for that list: Change. Life is dynamic – both challenging and delightful. Major events occur throughout our lives, bringing big changes with them: a first job, marriage, the […]

How are You Handling Customers’ Emergency Moments?

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 26th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

HERNDON, VA – The Financial Brand published an article this week discussing the “moment of truth” in customer service experience: when a customer is facing an emergency and needs an interaction with their financial institution to be “seamless.”

The article dives into the emergency response of […]

StrongBox Encryption Technology Receives Patent

2016-09-17T07:51:46-04:00February 25th, 2015|

HERNDON, VA – Virtual StrongBox (VSB) received its first patent in January, 2015.  The first patent to be issued to Virtual StrongBox by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) relates to our process for capturing files from the SSL stream and saving them to our service, maintaining file […]

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