Reaching Millennials: AKA “Generation Leaky”

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00July 28th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

Everybody’s talking about Millennials. Ask any marketing professional, and you’ll be told Millennials are the target audience.Pick up a B2B magazine, and there they are. And in the banking industry, where the average customer’s age is about 50, discussions center on how vital these 18-34 year olds are to your institution’s long-term survival.

Of course, banks have always been more or less available to young adults; they just weren’t a very lucrative demographic. There were plenty of more profitable accounts to service, and it wasn’t that easy to change banks. Now, that’s changed. The 80-million-strong Millennials have money […]

Life’s Major Changes up the Ante for Online Document Storage

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 26th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

It’s been said that the only sure bets are death and taxes. But there’s another fact of life for that list: Change. Life is dynamic – both challenging and delightful. Major events occur throughout our lives, bringing big changes with them: a first job, marriage, the birth of a child, kids’ milestones, retirement from a long career. And usually, critical documents accompany these changes: birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, tax papers, wills – important papers that need safekeeping.

Life changes present excellent opportunities for your bank to shine as your customers’ primary financial institution.

Playing the odds

Take data […]

How are You Handling Customers’ Emergency Moments?

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00February 26th, 2015|

By Ron Daly, President/CEO
Virtual StrongBox

HERNDON, VA – The Financial Brand published an article this week discussing the “moment of truth” in customer service experience: when a customer is facing an emergency and needs an interaction with their financial institution to be “seamless.”

The article dives into the emergency response of your frontline staff, but have you ever considered how your virtual branch can help your customers during their “moment of truth” encounter with you? Let’s say your customer is stuck in an airport because of terrible weather and they receive a call that their child slipped on a piece of ice […]

Focusing on File Exchange with Safe Deposit Box Security

2016-11-01T11:29:47-04:00January 23rd, 2015|

With a more technology savvy customer base comes certain expectations about your financial institutions online offerings. If there is a transaction that could be made easier with the Internet, your customer will most likely resent your bank or credit union if they have to preform an outdated task (needing to use a fax machine, for example).  Something as simple as giving you a document should not be seen as a challenge in the eyes of you customer.

The problem financial institutions face can be summed up in one word: security. If the document contains sensitive information, your team must take the proper […]

Transferring Data Within A Safe Deposit Box

2019-04-11T09:59:09-04:00October 17th, 2014|

By Virtual StrongBox

Flashback to the Wild West, when thieves on horses would go to incredible feats to steal whatever the bank was transferring in their strongbox. You’ve seen it in the movies and it truly happened decades ago when that was the only means of transferring money. Now come back to the present, where financial institutions have taken every preventive measure to ensure thieves, hackers, and any other wrongdoers will never access what their customers hold most dear, including their personal information.

The difference between the Wild West and today is the speed of technology. We are no longer constrained to the […]

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