Made to help Bankers Collaborate

Our sharing functionality has helped financial service leaders with indirect lending, compliance, and internal projects

With multiple methods of sharing and collecting files, increase productivity without sacrificing security

Audit Innovation

Compresses the time in the regulatory exam and compliance audit process by getting files to and from the customer faster.

Indirect Lending

Replace courier services and fax machines with a digital collaboration platform made for financial institutions.

Large Marketing Files

The assets the marketing team creates are usually too large to share over email. That’s why we don’t have a file size limit.

Email Signature

Our clients place secure links in their email signature to securely collect files in their Digital Vault Inbox.

Compliance & Examination Process

Regulators and customers can collaborate in a secure platform that delivers simplified workflows and a more efficient audit process.

Securely exchange files between the regulator and the regulated to save time and money.

Indirect Lending Tool Increases Speed to Close

Banks and Credit Unions leverage Virtual StrongBox to collect sensitive information about current or potential customers looking to purchase a vehicle.

Loved by Financial Services Teams

“Of all the tools I use, Virtual StrongBox’s secure document exchange platform is one of the easiest to use. Our clients have peace of mind that documents exchanged with the Compliance Consulting Team are protected at all times. Now that our entire team is remote it’s a real godsend.”

Donna Pancoast

CrossState Credit Union Association

“Virtual StrongBox provides Peace Hills Trust with a means to exchange sensitive information with various stakeholders securely. Their platform is great at enhancing service delivery, streamlining workflows and improving compliance management.”

Jason Conant 

Peace Hills Trust Company

“Using Virtual StrongBox for our exam is a success that we couldn’t be more pleased with. The service creates efficiencies and saves our team valuable time and resources. In addition, this gave us more time than we have had in years past to focus on our daily duties during the examination process.”

Amanda Craig

Honor Credit Union

Best-in-Class security

Virtual StrongBox holds 17 patents and exceeds global security standards. Our platform encrypts files in transit and at rest to ensure total information privacy and protection.

Security badges

Helping Marketing Teams Share Large Files

Nothing slows down employee productivity more than the inability to share files. Our client’s marketing teams usually feel this the most, with large files being blocked by firewalls.

Virtual StrongBox doesn’t have a file size limit, allowing teams to share heavy files internally and with agencies.

File Collecting Link in an Email Signature

Our users are adding Virtual StrongBox to their signature lines to make it easy for customers and partners to share files over email.

When a document is submitted, the user will receive a notification via email to check their digital vault.