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We are highlighting Honor Credit Union this week to showcase how our innovative client is using Virtual StrongBox to make the examination process easier. Using the sharelink functionality, the Michigan-based credit union has created efficiencies by using a tool they already had at their disposal.

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One of the best Virtual StrongBox Commercials!

Interesting Client ROI Factoids

The benefits of this platform are clear:

  • Virtual StrongBox is effective. The customer with the highest number of documents in their StrongBox has 1,104 files stored securely behind the platform.

  • The average cost of overnighting a 20-page document to a customer costs $26.20.
  • The average cost of a data breach is $154 per lost or stolen record, according to IBM and the Ponemon Institute (2015). If a company is still sending files with Personally Identifiable Information over email, they are putting themselves at risk.
  • Having a method to securely share files increases productivity by 12.5%, according to Forbes (2013).
  • Modern methods of communicating with customers to complete applications or processes increase Return on Customer.
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