Digital Vault

The foundation of our platform. Some clients provide consumers with a digital vault to collect, protect and share their important information. Others use the digital vault to improve workflow with digital customers.

Industries We Deployed In

Our unique secure digital vault platform is deployed in these industries:

Financial Services Products

Business Lending Workflow

Regulation & Compliance

Banks and Credit Unions

Complex “Powered By” Solutions

RecordLyf Disaster Recovery

Virtual Audits and Exams

Insurance Digital Transformation

More Use Cases

Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie Wilkinson

Secure Storage with a Purpose!

To your customers, we’re an online safe deposit box where they can store sensitive life records with their trusted financial institution. To you, we’re a multi-user workspace designed to securely collect, protect and exchange documents in any process.

Login Protection

You’re the only one that can access your digital vault. Once your account is set up, you can turn on Multi-factor Authentication to add an extra login speed bump.

Total Information Privacy & Protection

TIPP ensures that only you can see what you place in your personal vault. This infrastructure sets us apart from other online storage providers.

End-to-end Encryption

Files are encrypted in transit and at rest at the file level. Only the user has the key to unlock them. You’re the only one that can access your digital vault.

Some of Our Other Products

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