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An intuitive, easy-to-use product embedded in a consumer’s existing digital banking and financial services experience.


Security, encryption, patents, and private cloud infrastructure protect sensitive data the financial services way.


Fast integration and workflow automation digitize the data collection and exchange experience and drive back-office efficiencies.

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Digital Vault

The foundation of our platform. Some clients provide consumers with a digital vault to collect, protect and share their important information. Others use the digital vault to improve workflow with digital customers.

Off-chain Storage & Exchange

Organization Collaboration StrongBox

This digital vault allows multiple internal users to access folders, files, shares and exchanges in one location. Nothing gets overlooked when one person is out!

Off-Chain Secure Storage & Exchange

Our off-chain digital vault exists because non-transaction data, with personal information, shouldn’t be stored in blockchain technology.

Loan Participation Platform

Our platform is modernizing a very manual process. In the sales marketplace, buyers and sellers can collaborate in the sales and due diligence process. In the Assets Under Management servicing, back-office processes are automated, including payments!

Industry Solutions and Use Cases Featuring Virtual StrongBox’s Innovative Digital Vault Platform

Virtual StrongBox
Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Services
Virtual StrongBox Business & Technology
Audits, Regulation & Compliance
Virtual StrongBox Insurance


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The New Jersey Credit Union League looks forward to leveraging Virtual StrongBox with our compliance solutions clients. It’s a secure means of exchanging important files, documents and information with our Compliance Center Team.

New Jersey Credit Union LeagueNicola L. Foggie, CUCE, BSACS | Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, New Jersey Credit Union League

Virtual StrongBox provides Peace Hills Trust with a means to exchange sensitive information with various stakeholders securely. Their platform is great at enhancing service delivery, streamlining workflows and improving compliance management.

Jason Conant | Vice-President Information Services, Peace Hills Trust Company

Of all the tools I use, VSB’s secure document exchange platform is the easiest to use. Our clients have peace of mind that documents exchanged with the Compliance Consulting Team are protected at all times. Now that our entire team is remote, it’s a real godsend.

Donna Pancoast, CUCE, BSACS | Manager Compliance Services, CrossState Credit Union Association

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