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Financial Services

The “New Normal” has forever changed how consumers want to get documents to and from their financial services provider. The switch to contactless banking makes being able to work “digital” now more important than ever to remain competitive.

Our Simple, Secure & Seamless Services

Designed by bankers to help financial services firms work easily and securely with digital consumers and employees.

Digital Vault & Personal Data Store

As the amount of digital documents increase, Financial Institutions have a unique opportunity to provide customers with:

Redefining Working Remote

The Organization Collaboration StrongBox solves all the inbound paper problems digital consumers and financial services organizations face. The technology eliminates the pain points in existing document exchange workflow and secure email products when exchanging files.

Password less File Exchange Platform

As the amount of digital documents increase, Financial Institutions have a unique opportunity to provide customers with organizations can leverage the security of Virtual StrongBox to:

We are offering 3 Different Versions

Select the version of our digital vault that fits your strategy and budget. We understand your business needs may not be the same as the company next door. That is why we have provided different options to fit your specific strategy.

Digital Vault Use cases

Our unique secure digital vault platform is deployed in these industries:

Electronic Receipts2023-06-13T16:54:24-04:00

Send receipts directly to Virtual StrongBox with our API. This tool is sticky, opening a personal data store via an API for customers to save their most sensitive documents with you.

Personal Data Store2023-06-13T17:01:49-04:00

The solution can be used to store any documents shared between you and customers long term. With 17 issued patents and Total Information Privacy & Protection, users can rely on this platform to back up any sensitive digital documents containing Personally Identifiable Information.

Sharing Files in a Marketing Department2023-06-13T17:03:45-04:00

Many of our clients have found their marketing departments need a way to collaboratively share documents with colleagues and vendors. When dealing with customer information and heavy files, they need a secure and easy method to share files.

Mortgage, Consumer or Commercial Lending2023-06-13T17:05:19-04:00

Financial service providers have a few options for sending and receiving the necessary documentation to complete transactions. Loan officers can collect documents from potential customers via a share link or place a closing package in the users digital vault for safe keeping

Wealth Management Advisory Tool2023-06-13T17:06:32-04:00

Have a space where advisors can collaborate with their wealth management customers, storing essential documents long term and securely sharing files.

Collecting Indirect Lending Documents2023-06-13T17:12:31-04:00

Clients seamlessly collect indirect lending documents from dealers 24/7/365 and eliminate scan, fax and mail in their processing. Their digital vault process speeds up lending document collection and loan closing and makes sure nothing is missed when one person is out.

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