Loan Participation Servicing

We understand that the manual processes in loan participation payment and report distribution discourage one-to-many transactions and smaller loan participation amounts. It’s easier to sell one pool of $50 million auto loans to one buyer and service it than to sell ten pools of $5 million to ten buyers and service them. Until today.

Digitally Transform Manual Back-office Processes

The Investor Collaboration Room technology:

  • streamlines due diligence and reporting;
  • services multiple investors as if they were one;
  • creates a self-service model;
  • transforms payments; and
  • streamlines back-office servicing processes.


  • Easily import previously sold pools

  • Eliminate manual processes in your current servicing

  • Sell more loans without adding more people to the back-office

  • Investor self-service puts the information in their hands

  • Increase the bottom-line by driving down servicing expense

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