Digital Loan Participation Platform

Control the inventory, transaction costs, servicing costs and scalability of your own marketplace.

An enterprise solution powered by our collaboration platform to modernize the loan participation process


Create a marketplace that enables rapid transactions


Increase top-line revenue with minimal increase in operating expense


Sell more loans and gain a competitive advantage


Design programs to distribute loans to smaller buyers

Build Your Own Marketplace

Use our platform to create a marketplace where Registered Buyers can view Seller’s inventory

List Inventory

List mortgage, auto, or commercial loans. This can be done in a pool or single loan.

Investor Collaboration

Streamline the due diligence and closing process with a central hub for investors to interact.

Multiple investors can purchase from the pool

The manual processes in loan participation payment and report distribution discourage one-to-many transactions and smaller loan participation amounts.

Our platform makes it possible to break large deals into smaller pieces without multiplying workload.

“Virtual StrongBox is a phenomenal partner and an essential component of our joint-venture loan participation platform. Ron and his team are committed to data security and delivering innovative cloud-based solutions.”

Bruce Adams |President & CEO

Optimizing Back-Office Processes for Asset Managers

Break large deals into smaller pieces without multiplying workload

All reports and related documents are securely stored for the life of the pool.

Distribute reports only to the investor who owns the asset. Upload reports for one or multiple investors to access with no more email attachments.

Automate the payment process by eliminating manual wires and checks.

We believe Financial institutions and their customers deserve the best in data security.

See how our platform compares to DropBox, ShareFile, Box and other solutions.

See how our platform compares to DropBox, ShareFile, Box and other solutions.

We have over a dozen patents for our security

We don’t take shortcuts. Our revolutionary way of storing data earned our company 17 patents. Our innovative technology takes data security to the next level.