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To your customers, our digital vault is an online safe deposit box where they can store sensitive documents inside your online banking. To Q2 clients, we’re a multi-user workspace designed to securely collect, protect and exchange documents with consumers and businesses in any process. Secure email and FTP are customer service nightmares! Our digital vault makes getting documents to and from your organization easy and frictionless because if it’s too hard for digital consumers to work with you they have plenty of other choices.

Learn About These Features and Benefits

  • Workflow Alternative to Box, Dropbox, One Drive and Sharefile
  • Exclusive “My Inbox” document delivery
  • Seamless vault-to-vault folder and file exchange with organization groups
  • Built-in Virus and Malware Checking
  • Retail and Business Banking applications

The most popular use cases from our clients

* The NEW way work gets done with the Digital Customer: Shared, Secure Workspace
* Eliminating Indirect Lending Document Exchange Challenges
* Digital Vault: the Collection, Protection & Exchange of Personally Identifiable Information
* Killing Secure Email: a Customer Service Nightmare
* Eliminating Indirect Lending Document Exchange Challenges
* Back-office Process Improvement and transforming daily transactions
* Blockchain – Off-chain Storage