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Group Management & Functionality

Virtual StrongBox allows organizations to organize users into groups, such as employees, customers & partners

Create User or Employee Groups

Giving administrators the flexibility to send documents to a specific group or set specific storage space amount

Virtual StrongBox is used in many ways, which might require certain users and employees to need more storage space or need similar documents. Administrators have created groups to:

  •      – Give a higher amount of default storage space to premier customers
  •      – Give departments more storage space depending on their usage
  •      – To exchange documents with a specific group all at once

Administrators can exchange documents with a specific group using File Exchange. When a new user is added to the group, the document will be in their personal File Exchange area. This is used as a way to separate users based on their level of engagement too (i.e. silver, gold, platinum customer levels).

Yes. At any time you can reward more storage space to users via groups settings too.

Yes. If new members are added to the group, the document will be in their File Exchange when they register.

Yes. You can give as much space to users as you’d like, we only care about the amount of space that is used.