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Data Sovereignty is Important

Now More Than Ever

We’ve always made sure that our customers know exactly where their data is stored and backed up and follow their data sovereignty rules.

With Virtual StrongBox’s secure customer engagement platform, you always know exactly where your data is stored. For our customers in Canada, the data stays in Canada. For our customers in the United States, the data remains in the United States. Other global options as well.

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Your data never crosses the border or circles the globe like in other cloud options. Why?

  • Data is usually subject to the laws of the country in which it is stored

  • Many compliance regulations mandate that data must be kept in the country in which the consumer lives

  • Data in the wrong hands within the wrong jurisdiction has the potential of being problematic

  • Being granted access to data within your own local jurisdiction is more easily afforded than obtaining access to data under another countries jurisdiction

  • Cloud data storage contract issues may exist and be unfavorable in foreign jurisdictions

  • IT and data security or privacy protections for your data may not be equivalent to what your own jurisdiction offers

  • The inability to produce data when legally stored or to protect data from undesirable demands intensifies organizational risk and liability

If data sovereignty is a key concern for your organization, Virtual StrongBox can check off all of the necessary data location and security requirements.

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