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The security measure that sets us apart from every other provider.

Data Security is our #1 priority. Total Information Privacy & Protection (TIPP) ensures Virtual StrongBox users that only the account owner can see the documents within their personal account. The Virtual StrongBox user is the Only one that can access files in the Virtual StrongBox account. NOT employees at Virtual StrongBox. NOT Employees at the provider of the service. NOT employees at the cloud-service provider.

We even have patented security measures that ensures someone with direct access to the server holding the data would not be able to view the documents in a Virtual StrongBox.

Along with a data shredder that tears apart a file once it’s deleted, TIPP ensures users’ Personally Identifiable Information is never vulnerable to security threats.

Watch our video to learn more.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

You can only access a file if the user gives you permission by sharing the document with you.

The organization can see the metadata about the file, such as:

  • When it was uploaded
  • The file type
  • The size of the file
  • The IP address of the user when the file was added

Through the same practices of any other online organization. Either the executor or employer has access to the email, where they can reset the password or through the typical Single Sign-On practices of the vendor connected to StrongBox.

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We Answer the Hard IT Questions

Q. How is my data stored?


How is my data stored?

All data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest at the file level in our environment.

Q. How about DR and BCP or regulator concerns?


How about Dr and BCP or regulator concerns?

Files are stored and replicated with a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider to ensure high file durability and availability. Data is then backed up and replicated to another data center to ensure continuity.

Q. Where is my data?


Where is my data?

Your data is stored in our private data centers. In the United States, data is stored in Charlotte, NC and replicated off-site to Little Rock, AR.

Q. How do I permanently delete my data?


How do I permanently delete my data?

When a file is deleted by you or we decommission your instance, it is permanently destroyed by our processes.

Q. Who else can access my data?


Who else can access my data?

Only the Virtual StrongBox owner has the key to open the files placed in their personal StrongBox. Neither our employees or employees of the service provider have access or have visibility of any documents until granted permission.

Q. What security oversight is there?


What security oversight is there?

Virtual StrongBox uses SSAE 16 Type II accredited datacenters to host our SaaS application and metadata. We also engage with third parties to perform periodic risk assessments and gap analyses.

Q. How do I get my data back and avoid vendor lock-in?


How do I get my data back and avoid vendor lock-in?

Virtual StrongBox clients can call our account managers at any time to remove their data and avoid vendor lock-in.

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