The Flexibility of Our Platform

Our secure platform can be used to solve almost any problem involving traditional systems working with digital consumers. We’re the only customizable platform specializing in the collection, protection and exchange of sensitive information for the Financial Services Industry. That allows us to deliver on your vision and use cases!

Our digital vault products help financial service firms transform back office operations, freeing staff from manual tasks. We love to solve problems and create new use cases for our clients. From simple document collection and file exchange to transforming indirect lending or complex custom solutions, we can help.

Platform Use Cases

Clients are sending digital receipts from the teller line to their customer’s digital vault. Our add document APIs automatically open a digital vault, store the receipt, and notify the customer

The Organization Collaboration StrongBox changes the way documents are collected and exchanged consumers forever. Regardless of size, documents and folders seamlessly move between the end-user’s digital vault and the Organization’s larger digital vault.

Clients are eliminating cumbersome secure email registration processes and chunky document exchange. These upload folders instantly increase convenience for your digital consumers.

Marketing Teams are sharing large files with colleagues and vendors using our patented ShareLinks. Upload, Document and Collaboration folders are making t information sharing simple

Sometimes consumers don’t want their trusted Advisors to have full access to their important documents. Our digital vault lets the consumer securely store ther files and keeps them private until the consumer granted access to the folder or the file(s).

Save time and money by instantly adding documents to a consumer or business’s digital vault. The digital customer is notified by the platform and is taken right to the new document the next time they access their account. Best of all, the docs don’t count against the customers digital vault space.

This online safe deposit box is the modern version of the old-fashion safe deposit boxes in bank vaults. Consumers can access their vaults inside the financial institution’s digital banking platform.

There’s no better place for consumers to store their sensitive information than with the provider they trust with their money. Dropbox, Box and Google are no place for personal information.

A secure upload ShareLink in a signature line makes it seamless and simple to share a document with the user or group. File Restrictions and Virus/Malware checking protects the digital vault from unwanted files.

Loan officers are securely collecting documents from customers & potential business customers using the ShareLink feature. An upload or collaboration link makes the process digital and eliminates the archaic process of scan, fax, and email.

Our collaborative ShareLink feature allows you to securely send and receive documents with CPAs, examiners or other officials. In addition, you can set up a temporary account for examiners to use in the exam process.

Welcome packages and compliance disclosure forms are delivered to every new account via a digital vault starter kit. Annual disclosures can be added to one vault, a group of vaults or all digital vaults.

We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your digital strategy.