The Flexibility of Our Platform

Virtual StrongBox’s customer engagement platform can be used to solve just about any problem involving legacy technology versus digital consumers. We’ll partner with you to define, develop and quickly deploy custom solutions. Seamless integration is easy with our secure plug-and-play platform using our extensive API library.


Send digital receipts directly from the teller line to Virtual StrongBox. No paper! During this process, our API automatically opens a digital vault for your customers where they can securely store their most sensitive documents.

Simply and securely share large files with marketing team colleagues and vendors.

Advisors and their wealth management customers can securely store and share essential documents long term.

Using our extensive API library you can easily automate document collection and exchange outside the firewall.

Like a virtual FedEx delivery, request a signature before a shared document can be accessed.

Store any document shared between you and your customers long term. This value add for your customer provides a secure digital vault where they can store sensitive documents containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Loan officers can securely collect documents from potential customers via Virtual StrongBox’s share link. When the deal is done, a copy of the closing package can be added to the StrongBox for safe keeping.

Team members can leverage share links to disseminate large or sensitive documents internally. Collaboration has never been easier.

Virtual StrongBox’s collaborative external share link allows you to securely send and receive documents with state examiners or other officials. You can also set up a temporary Virtual StrongBox account for examiners so they can indefinitely and securely keep the documents.

SSO (Single Sign On) allows your customers to securely organize their will and other essential documents for easy access by their executors or beneficiaries.

This add-on form tool allows you to collect information and documentation from your customers, including electronic signatures, simply and securely in one platform.

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