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Examination & Audit Innovation

Working onsite is inconvenient for regulator and the regulated. Regulators are often on the road 300+ days a year taking a toll on their health and personal life. Most examiners would choose to work from a home office as much as possible, cutting travel to the minimum. We know that’s true for most millennial employees.

Must we be stuck in the status quo?

Not anymore. Exam & Audit innovation is possible, and at Virtual StrongBox, we’re working with regulators, compliance teams and financial service providers to make it happen.

Our technology is making it possible to both work remotely and securely exchange files between the regulator and the regulated saving time, money, travel costs as well as reducing the “on road time”.

“Using Virtual StrongBox for our exam was a success that we couldn’t be more pleased with. The efficiencies presented saved our team valuable time and resources, which granted us more time to focus on our daily duties during the examination process than we have had in years past.”

Amanda Craig, Chief Operating Officer, Honor Credit Union
Honor CU Exam Case Study