Paycheck Protection Program

Organization Collaboration StrongBox Enables the Rapid Collection of SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness Docs

The Organization Collaboration StrongBox makes it easy as 1-2-3 to collect documents needed in your SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness processing.

  • STEP #1 – Your Financial Institution creates a standard email template and sends it to each small business borrower with intro, SBA Forgiveness Application, a list of documents they need to supply and a link to the secure return address folder.

  • STEP #2 – Borrower completes the PPP Forgiveness application and compiles the list of documents they need to provide for the application. Borrower then uploads documents to your secure return address folder for review and processing by your financial institution.

  • STEP #3 – From there, our full text indexing, tagging and advanced search engine start organizing the information provided for your internal team to begin processing. Individual or groups on your team get notified via email and/or text that document(s) have been uploaded and can log in to verify and process/forward information to SBA or an internal department.

We’re dedicated to helping you help your small business customers in their time of need!


Team Collaboration StrongBox Module

Download, Upload and Collaboration Folders

Automated Search and Tagging of Incoming Documents

Advanced Search Functionality via Phrase or Tag

Specialized Group Capabilities

Folder multi-file Download to ZIP File capabilities

Patented Encryption, File Restrictions, User Roles and Audit Trails

IP Restriction Capabilities



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