Digital Vault Platform

Our secure platform, with its data security compliance in a box, allows our clients to define, develop and quickly deploy custom digital products and solutions. The platform is a valuable asset for FinTechs that need to store customer data or financial institutions that want to build their own solution.

Bottom line: it’s okay to innovate and build prototypes and platforms in the public cloud, but the minute you have any personal information for a bank customer, you need our data security compliance platform in place!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We realize that strategic vision and needs are different for each organization. We help clients achieve their vision and solve back office business problems using Secure digital vault technology. We offer a fast, cost-effective way to rapid product innovation and produce tangible work flow solutions for our clients.

We Deliver on your Strategic Vision

You’ve got your vision and what your digital customer experience needs to be. Our platform and unique experience allows our customers to develop and quickly deploy custom digital products and solutions in that vision.

How we are Different

We’re the only customizable platform specializing in the collection, protection and exchange of sensitive information for the Financial Services Industry. Designed by bankers with the highest levels of security Financial Service firms need and convenience that digital customers expect.

We are Secure

Data security is our #1 priority. Engage your digital consumer with confidence using our digital vault platform. Total Information Privacy & Protection (TIPP) guarantees personal account holders that their files are safe and completely private. ONLY the user holds the key to unlock their personal files.

We are Experts

We exist to solve our clients’ business problems and deliver rapid innovation and produce tangible assets for our clients. Our Management Team has 45+ years of insider knowledge and first-hand experience working with financial service providers.

Your Cloud or Ours

If your organization wants to build its own cloud, our secure platform is the answer. It is available in our private cloud SaaS and PaaS models. Or, a more traditional enterprise license model that can be placed inside your organization’s cloud.

10 Reasons To Choose VSB

Virtual StrongBox is a unique platform that enables innovation in the Financial Services sector. Here are ten major
differentiators between our solution and other cloud storage providers, collaboration portals, syncing tools and
consumer vaults.

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