With unlimited users, sharing directly within Virtual StrongBox or via an email link is secure and simple.

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Share documents with one user, multiple users or all users.

Organizations have the opportunity to share via a secure link or by exchange directly to a user’s Virtual StrongBox.

  • Keep files secure in storage and during transfers

  • Unlimited users and customizable groups make it easy to give customers, clients or employees a StrongBox to enable documents exchange.

  • Trust state-of-the-art data centers and Total Information Privacy & Protection for secure sharing and storage.

  • Our platform can even go on your cloud

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Drop a Document in a User’s StrongBox

Administrators can easily share a file or an entire folder of files with one user, a group of users or all users on the platform. Our APIs can also automate recurring processes to streamline the delivery.

Share with Group

Users and employees can be placed in a group making it easy to share files. If new individuals are added to the group, shared documents are waiting on their exchange page. When a new file or folder is shared with a group all members of the group will receive an email and/or SMS message.

Receive files from users

Users can share files or folders directly with the organization within the platform using the file exchange feature. The administrative console also only certain employees or groups can access the collected documents.

File Delivery Confirmation

It’s easy to request a signature on a tracking form, just like the FedEx man at the door. Our process requires a recipient to sign for the document before gaining access. Over minute delivery at fractions of overnight delivery costs

Track user interaction

After sharing a file or a folder full of files, administrators can use the tracking report to see if the user has accessed and signed for the file or downloaded the file to their personal strongbox or computer.

See every interaction

Administrators have access to the platform’s audit logs and reports to track how internal and external users are leveraging the platform. Everything is tracked and stored as an audit trail if ever required.


Learn more on our secure share link page.


  • 6 Issued Security Related Patents
  • Government-grade data encryption in transit and at rest

  • Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on capability for additional security layer

  • Private cloud configurations in the U.S. and Canada address data sovereignty concerns

  • 99.9 percent uptime and business continuity and disaster recovery plans

  • Total Information Privacy & Protection. Learn More

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