The Flexibility of Our Platform

Our customer engagement platform can be used to solve just about any problem that involves legacy technology interacting with digital consumers. In addition, our API first strategy allows developers and innovators to integrate our secure plug-and-play platform into their FinTech, RegTech or Mobile Solutions.

Send receipts directly from the line to Virtual StrongBox. This tool is sticky, opening a personal data store via an API for customers to save their most sensitive documents with you.

Many of our clients have found their marketing departments need a way to collaboratively share documents with colleagues and vendors. When dealing with customer information and heavy files, they need a secure and easy method to share files.

Have a space where advisors can collaborate with their wealth management customers, storing essential documents long term and securely sharing files.

Out extensive API library allows organizations to improve workflows that need to collect and exchange documents outside their firewall.

Like a virtual FedEx man at your customers’ door, request a signature before a shared document can be accessed.

The solution can be used to store any documents shared between you and customers long term. With 6 security patents and Total Information Privacy & Protection, users can rely on this platform to back up any sensitive digital documents containing Personally Identifiable Information.

Financial service providers have a few options for sending and receiving the necessary documentation to complete transactions. Loan officers can collect documents from potential customers via a share link or place a closing packing in the users StrongBox for safe keeping

Employees can leverage share links to disseminate large or sensitive documents internally or externally. With our direct sharing tool, file exchange, employees can share documents with one user, multiple users, a group or all users

Save time and money by sharing documents with state examiners. Our collaborative share link allows the organization to send and receive documents through email. Organizations can also set up temporary Virtual StrongBox for examiners so they can keep the documents securely for as long as they see fit.

If Virtual StrongBox is stored behind Single Sign On, customers can organize their will and other essential documents so their executors or beneficiaries will find their digital documents in one place.

This add-on form tool allows organizations to collect additional information, including forms that need electronic signatures, in the same platform where they will be collecting documentation.

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