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Bridge between Convenience & Security

Innovation Sandbox

Our APIs & technical knowledge make it easy to develop new features that solve legacy technology and workflow problems, create efficiencies, save money and drive forward any “Consumer First” strategy.

SDKThe Virtual StrongBox Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 20 connections allows developers and innovators to integrate our secure platform into their FinTech and Mobile Solutions.

The Virtual StrongBox Innovation Sandbox allows for

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Incubate ideas that dramatically increase the value of your organization
  • Low risk to explore “low hanging fruit and ideas”
  • API connections to bridge the gap the between consumer and legacy technology

Our Company’s patented data security solution protects data, both in motion and at rest, and our open Application Program Interface strategy provides a platform that can be integrated into various workflow processes involving the consumer for interaction that is … SIMPLE. SECURE. SEAMLESS.

Streamline the document storage and exchange process with a leader
in encrypted, document security.

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