New, patented process has raised the bar on online data and document security

Charlotte, NC. (May 7, 2015) – Technology innovation firm Virtual StrongBox, Inc. is shaking up traditional financial institution security protocols with its announcement that it received U.S. Patent No. 9,003,183 for its secure storage system and file encryption method for safeguarding data at rest.

That’s big news, given the growing epidemic of data breaches. With glaring headlines everyday about cyber criminals stealing millions of victims’ personally identifiable information (PII), Company President/CEO Ron Daly says he was tired of hearing about one compromised system after another.

The technology behind Virtual StrongBox’s patent allows encryption of all data at rest in every database that stores PII. But Daly says the bigger story is what the patent represents: a new day in document security.

“At Virtual StrongBox, we felt it was time to take action against the ongoing theft of consumer data,” Daly said. “I mean, our industry is supposed to be the best of the bunch in protecting PII, yet the breaches continue – and not just at credit card companies and retailers. So, we took our combined 175 years of financial institution experience and knowledge of the regulations and financial institution security needs and designed a better system.”

Daly says the result is Virtual StrongBox’s unprecedented level of security through a proprietary file system using dedicated, redundant storage devices.

Virtual StrongBox is rapidly becoming known for protecting consumers’ sensitive information the “financial institution” way. Its flagship product, My Virtual StrongBox, already safeguards the important personal documents of more than 3.5 million people. Through customers’ relationships with nearly 260 financial institutions, wealth-management firms and insurance companies, My Virtual StrongBox protects their deeds, wills, trusts, tax files, insurance policies and other important papers.

“Encryption at rest can make a huge difference in security, and we believe it should be the industry standard,” he said. “When you think about these cyber crimes, it adds up to a phenomenal amount money to recover from lost business, reputation damage, regulatory bear down and customer claims – not to mention the toll on victims. With the right security protocol, it very likely could have prevented or mitigated much of the damage at retailers.”

Daly says the firm, along with some of its collaboration partners, is starting discussions with financial institutions and other companies that handle PII, as well as trade groups and regulators to urge adoption of encryption-at-rest practices, either independently or through Virtual StrongBox.

Virtual StrongBox, Inc.
“Virtual StrongBox Encryption Technology Patent Raises Bar on PII Security”
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“The reality is that the old way of storing data, especially PII, is simply unacceptable,” Daly said. “As an industry, we have to make changes. Financial institutions that sit back are going to lose because their customers will learn about competitors that offer this higher level of security and they’ll demand it. They may want an assurance similar to the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.’”

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Virtual StrongBox, Inc. is known for protecting personal data the “financial institution way” and provides banks, credit unions and other organizations a host of automated file exchange and file storage services. With patented “encrypted-at-rest” document storage, secure forms, push & pull file exchange and e-signature capabilities, Virtual StrongBox stands apart in helping financial institutions automate processes, reduce manual intervention, enhance client services, and achieve significant cost reductions. Today, 260 clients serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners have access to Virtual StrongBox and are finding new ways to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs.

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