Collaboration StrongBox

A multi-user workspace that securely collects, protects and exchanges documents in any process.

There’s no cumbersome, unfriendly consumer registration process inherent with secure email products. In addition, the passwordless exchange folders allow users to quickly collect documents with just one click. On top of that, the enhanced file restriction capabilities stop unauthorized file types from reaching your organization.

About The Product

The Organization Collaboration StrongBox solves all the inbound paper problems digital consumers and financial services organizations face. The technology eliminates the pain points in existing document exchange workflow and secure email products when exchanging files.

FFIEC Risk Considerations in File Exchange

To your customers, we’re an online safe deposit box where they can store sensitive life records with their trusted financial institution. To you, we’re a multi-user workspace designed to securely collect, protect and exchange documents in any process.

FFIEC Risk ConsiderationsVirtual Strong Box Platform
Security deficiencies in file exchange methods (e.g., lack of encryption or weak encryption).Solved !
File storage on untrusted servers controlled by third-party service providers leading to unauthorized access of the store.Solved !
Files traversing untrusted networks, leading to unauthorized access (e.g., man-in-the-middleattacks or eavesdropping).Solved !
Alteration (e.g., modification with incorrect information or injection of malicious code) ofany file, even files without sensitive info.Solved !
Solutions that are often difficult for users to set up and use (e.g., if the sender and recipient-need to install software to exchange.Solved !
Use of unapproved, insecure, or ad hoc file exchange methods (e.g., shadow IT).Solved !

Key Features & Benefits

Select the version of our digital vault that fits your strategy and budget. We understand your business needs may
not be the same as the company next door. That is why we have provided different options to fit your
specific strategy.

Solution to File Exchange Problems

This Digital Vault solves the file exchange problems your CISO is worried about. Our File Exchange Digital Vault is nothing like the others.

AttributesVSBVSBDropBoxSharefileSmartVaultDriveLiquid Files
Solves FFIEC RisksSecurity & Infrastructure check all the boxes on risk considerationscloseclosecloseclosecheckedcheckedclose
Product CustomizationProduct can be customized to customer fit and automation needscheckedcheckedclosecheckedclosequestionquestion
FeaturesPlatform & products provide new, updated featurescheckedquestioncheckedclosecheckedclosequestion
IntegrationExisting Integration inside online and mobile bankingquestioncheckedcheckedquestioncheckedcheckedchecked
Security & PatentsPatents & security ensure only the account owner can see their infoquestionclosequestionclosequestionclosechecked
Private CloudPrivate-cloud platform protects confidential data the “Financial Institution” waycheckedcheckedcheckedcheckedclosecheckedchecked
Powdered By SolutionsPlatform offers customized solutions for pain pointscheckedquestionclosecheckedcheckedclosechecked
AffordabilityIs the business-class product line worth the price?checkedclosequestionclosequestioncheckedchecked

Clients Are Changing the Way Work Gets Done

The multi-user workspace design means nothing gets overlooked when one person is out!

  • Collecting post-closing business lending due diligence documents for the business lending group
  • Collecting a picture of a missing title in closing packages
  • Secure upload document link in employees’ email signature lines
  • Collection & exchange of documents in commercial lending
  • Collecting indirect lending packages from auto dealerships

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