Make it easier to collaborate

Q2 banks and credit unions can securely store and share files internally and with customers


The bankers’ alternative to Dropbox

We’re the only customizable platform specializing in the collection, protection, and exchange of sensitive information for the Financial Services Industry.

Q2 customers have access to a platform designed by bankers with the best-in-class security and convenience digital customers expect.

Business & Consumer SSO Integration

Our partnership with Q2 means the power of Virtual StrongBox is only a click call away. Request a demo with Virtual StrongBox or visit our Q2 page to get started.


Q2 Bank & Credit Union Use Cases

Q2 banks and credit unions can leverage our sharing and storage offering to continually exchange documents with business customers behind online banking.

Getting started is easy. Virtual StrongBox has SSO integrations with Q2 business and consumer online banking platforms to securely collect documents for SBA Loans or the account opening process.

Q2 Financial Institutions use Virtual StrongBox to collect copies of driver’s licenses or business documentation to complete the account opening or lending process.

This can be done with a vault-to-vault exchange, a secure share link, or a passwordless share folder– which is perfect for prospective customers!

Give business and consumer customers a tool to store and share sensitive files behind online banking securely.

SMB owners, who share their most important documents with you, can leverage this benefit for business continuity or disaster recovery.

With dozens of APIs, Virtual StrongBox enables financial institutions to seamlessly collect and automatically share files.

Worried about having files in multiple services? We have an API to delete files stored by other providers, like E-signature platforms.

Transform Business Banking Experiences with our Digital Vault Platform

Collecting documents shouldn’t be painful. Virtual StrongBox is the bankers’ alternative to DropBox, with dozens of APIs to automate and improve labor-intensive workflows for banks and credit unions’ customers, employees, and partners.

Best-in-Class Security

Virtual StrongBox holds 17 patents and exceeds global security standards. Our platform encrypts files in transit and at rest to ensure total information privacy and protection.

Are employees putting your bank or credit union at risk when sharing files?

Are customers emailing documents with sensitive data because collaboration tools are blocked by a firewall?

Do they have access to tools that meet FFIEC standards?

Does your file-sharing solution scan documents for viruses when they are uploaded?