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Where best-in-class Security meets Innovative Collaboration

The only file-sharing platform made specifically to protect the data stored and shared by the financial services industry

Security made for financial services
Security badges

Security is our differentiator

Our digital vault collaboration platform is the preferred choice of the financial services industry because of our security.

What do we have that our competition does not?

  • SSO Integration & MFA
  • 17 Patents focused on data security
  • Built-In Virus Checker
  • Unmatched User Control over Data

Only the digital vault owner has the keys to their data

Our Total Information Privacy and Protection policy is in our DNA. Unlike with other platforms, Virtual StrongBox users are in total control of their data.

Our clients know exactly how their data is handled

Know exactly who has access to the data

Know where all data is stored and backed up

Know the organization has data controls

Know the data can be permanently deleted

We believe Financial institutions and their customers deserve the best in data security.

See how our platform compares to DropBox, ShareFile, Box and other solutions.

See how our platform compares to DropBox, ShareFile, Box, and other solutions.

Make your Compliance Team happy

Virtual StrongBox was created for the financial services industry. We are the only collaboration platform with a patented security infrastructure to exceed the FFIEC’s file-sharing standards.

We have 17 patents for our security

We don’t take shortcuts. Our revolutionary way of storing data earned our company 17 patents. Our innovative technology takes data security to the next level.

Are employees putting your financial institution at risk when sharing files?

Are customers emailing documents with sensitive data because collaboration tools are blocked by a firewall?

Do they have access to tools that meet FFIEC standards?

Does your file-sharing solution scan documents for viruses when they are uploaded?

Inside the Vault

Read the latest in data security best practices in financial services, as well as Virtual StrongBox updates!

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