FFIEC Risk Considerations in File Exchange

FFIEC defines file exchange (also known as file sharing) as a method of sending and receiving files inside the entity and with other parties through email attachments, file sharing services, and other means.

With our platform’s security, patents and Total Information Privacy and Protection, here’s how we stack up to the FFIEC Risk Considerations.

FFIEC Risk Considerations Chart

Ask your file exchange vendor how they stack up to the FFIEC Risk Considerations.

Our digital vault platform is changing the way work gets done with the digital customer.


Digital Vault

The foundation of our platform. Some clients provide consumers with a digital vault to collect, protect and share their important information. Others use the digital vault to improve workflow with digital customers.

Off-chain Storage & Exchange

Organization Collaboration StrongBox

This digital vault allows multiple internal users to access folders, files, shares and exchanges in one location. Nothing gets overlooked when one person is out!

Off-Chain Secure Storage & Exchange

Our off-chain digital vault exists because non-transaction data, with personal information, shouldn’t be stored in blockchain technology.

Loan Participation Platform

Our platform is modernizing a very manual process. In the sales marketplace, buyers and sellers can collaborate in the sales and due diligence process. In the Assets Under Management servicing, back-office processes are automated, including payments!

Let us help your team reduce FFIEC Risk Considerations in their document collection and file exchange.