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The only customizable platform designed by bankers specializing in collecting, protecting, and exchanging sensitive information for Banks, Credit Unions and the financial services industry.

Our Platform helps banks and credit unions work easily and securely with digital consumers.

The “New Normal” has forever changed how consumers want to get documents to and from their financial services provider. The switch to contactless banking makes being able to work “digital” now more important than ever to remain competitive.



An intuitive, easy-to-use product embedded in a consumer’s existing digital banking and financial services experience.


Security, encryption, patents, and private cloud infrastructure protect sensitive data the financial services way.


Fast integration and workflow automation digitize the data collection and exchange experience and drive back-office efficiencies.

It’s not just storage. It’s secure storage with a purpose!


As the amount of digital documents increase, Financial Institutions have a unique opportunity to provide customers with:

  • An online option to store files containing sensitive personal information with their trusted bank, credit union or wealth management firm

  • Organizations can place this online safe behind Single Sign On

  • A modern way to organize files for legacy planning

Organization Collaboration StrongBox


The Organization Collaboration StrongBox solves all the inbound paper problems digital consumers and financial services organizations face. The technology eliminates the pain points in existing document exchange workflow and secure email products when exchanging files.

  • Fast Deployment – up and running in less than a day with no IT involvement

  • Passwordless Upload Folders – eliminate end-users from needing usernames and passwords or sending email attachments to you

  • Full Text Indexing – automatically builds tags and search words and phrases so you don’t have to

Digital Vault Features


Organizations can leverage the security of Virtual StrongBox to:

  • Share files back-and-forth directly through the platform

  • Share documents with a third party through a unique share link

  • Leverage APIs to drop documents automatically in the Organization’s file library or in an individual’s Virtual StrongBox

Here are just some of our digital vault use cases

Send receipts directly from the line to Virtual StrongBox. This tool is sticky, opening a personal data store via an API for customers to save their most sensitive documents with you.

Many of our clients have found their marketing departments need a way to collaboratively share documents with colleagues and vendors. When dealing with customer information and heavy files, they need a secure and easy method to share files.

Have a space where advisors can collaborate with their wealth management customers, storing essential documents long term and securely sharing files.

We have over 20 APIs that allow organization to improve workflows. Drop documents directly from one platform into a users’ StrongBox, making things like sharing closing packages and electronic receipts as simple as checking a box and pressing send.

Like a virtual FedEx man at your customers’ door, request a signature before a shared document can be accessed.

The solution can be used to store any documents shared between you and customers long term. With 6 security patents and Total Information Privacy & Protection, users can rely on this platform to back up any sensitive digital documents containing Personally Identifiable Information.

Financial service providers have a few options for sending and receiving the necessary documentation to complete transactions. Loan officers can collect documents from potential customers via a share link or place a closing packing in the users StrongBox for safe keeping

Employees can leverage share links to disseminate large or sensitive documents internally or externally. With our direct sharing tool, file exchange, employees can share documents with one user, multiple users, a group or all users

Save time and money by sharing documents with state examiners. Our collaborative share link allows the organization to send and receive documents through email. Organizations can also set up temporary Virtual StrongBox for examiners so they can keep the documents securely for as long as they see fit.

This add-on form tool allows organizations to collect additional information, including forms that need electronic signatures, in the same platform where they will be collecting documentation.


Join the hundreds of financial institutions across North America that are innovating with Virtual StrongBox today.


Select the version of our digital vault that fits your strategy and budget. We understand your business needs may not be the same as the company next door. That is why we have provided different options to fit your specific strategy.

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