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Data-security expert’s cloud-based platform eliminates headaches for highly regulated financial services firms by removing technology and security gaps in their legacy systems

CHARLOTTE, NC Sept. 12, 2017) – Virtual StrongBox, Inc. has earned two more patents – its fifth and sixth in just over two years. The patents relate to the Company’s consumer engagement platform, which transforms legacy technology to speak to the digital consumer while providing end-to-end security and total information privacy for sensitive information. Together, these new patents recognize the unique way Virtual StrongBox gathers information from the digital consumer and protects that data once it is in the Company’s control.

With Virtual StrongBox’s secure platform and application’s Simple, Secure and Seamless interface financial service firms can:

  • Collect, store & exchange sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII) in a unique way Virtual StrongBox calls Total Information Privacy & Protection™

  • Convert customers’ interactions to digital while meeting their demands for simple user experiences

  • Use the platform’s processes to protect files by keeping them in a constant state of encryption, whether in transit, at rest or during exchange

  • Automate customer interactions to digital without breaking the bank

Virtual StrongBox President/CEO Ron Daly says the only thing holding highly regulated financial services firms back from leveraging the power of the cloud to change business processes was the lack of a data security-focused platform.

“We decided the best solution was to create a unique platform that protects confidential data in the cloud the ’Financial Institution’ way,” Daly said. “Virtual StrongBox is the only secure, cloud-based platform that enables firms in this highly regulated market to deliver real-time engagement with the consumer that is Simple, Secure and Seamless by bridging the “air gap” between legacy technology and the digital consumer.”

Among the Virtual StrongBox platform’s benefits, clients have deployed it to enhance document exchange in digital lending initiatives, gather compliance information during account opening, deliver mortgage compliance documents with tracking, eliminate travel and reduce time in exams/compliance audits, and automate financial report delivery to stakeholders.

“When Virtual StrongBox’s platform is used in an operational role, clients report a 70-80% increase in operating efficiencies and getting business transaction information to or from consumers faster than ever before,” said Daly “These new patents recognize the unique way we gather information from the digital consumer and continuously protect their data; in other words, Total Information Privacy and Protection.”

Virtual StrongBox received its first patent in 2015, followed by three more in 2016. The earlier patents cover the file-encryption methods during storage and transfer, the process for using mobile phones and other digital devices to access and interact with the platform,7u and how data is captured during the SSL stream.