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Patented security, unique APIs provide comprehensive data protection for high-risk firms

Charlotte, N.C. (Dec. 12, 2016) – Virtual StrongBox, Inc. announces it has received a fourth patent for its state-of-the-art software, which safeguards documents while moving them between different devices, as well as throughout the system.

Whether consumers are dealing with their financial institution, healthcare provider or insurance agent, they demand convenience … but not at the expense of security. For these and other high-risk enterprises, ensuring safety and positive customer experiences can be challenging. In response, Virtual StrongBox is transforming how businesses handle security, customer convenience and back-office operations.

The Company’s encryption-protected, end-to-end customer engagement platform enables organizations managing sensitive data to provide secure file-exchange services to their customers, while ensuring safe online storage in its private cloud. Now, Virtual StrongBox President/CEO Ron Daly says the newest patent strengthens the Company’s ability to help high-security-risk firms implement a “customer first” model.

“With an open API strategy, our platform can be integrated with legacy systems so clients can take advantage of cloud computing without placing sensitive information at risk,” Daly said. “In turn, enabling customers and employees to use their own digital devices advances the consumerization of IT in the cloud.”

Virtual StrongBox’s platform also can be securely integrated into various workflow processes, saving costs and the time to process time-sensitive customer documents or internal files, while ensuring safe online storage and quick, digital access to files as needed.

Earlier this year, the Company earned two other patents, one covering the use of mobile phones and other digital devices to access the system, and another for a security enhancement covering its process for capturing files from the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) stream. In 2015, Virtual StrongBox was granted a patent for its secure storage system and encryption-at-rest process.

Virtual StrongBox is known for ultra-secure data protection, offering enterprises and their customers the assurance that their documents are safe, whether in transit, when stored or while being acted upon.

“This fourth patent recognizes the unique way Virtual StrongBox connects legacy systems to consumers’ personal technology, serving as a bridge,” Daly said. “I like to think of our company as the ‘virtual’ middleware that gives existing technology a less-costly pathway to take advantage of the latest innovations.”

About Virtual StrongBox, Inc.

Virtual StrongBox is a secure end-to-end customer engagement platform that provides high-risk Enterprise IT the data security needed to support both secure cloud usage and simple, seamless customer interactions. Our secure document storage and file-exchange platform transforms legacy technology and workflows by bridging the gap between customer convenience demands and IT security requirements.

Our Clients report 70% to 80% cost benefits from operating efficiencies, savings in paper, labor and time-intensive processes, and the ability to get information to and from their customers faster in their business interactions.

Virtual StrongBox is available in either a private-cloud software-as-a-service model or private-cloud licensing model for the enterprise. Nearly 300 clients, serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners, rely on Virtual StrongBox to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs. Contact us at Virtual StrongBox, Inc. or (704) 817.4588.