Virtual StrongBox is a unique platform that enables innovation in the Financial Services sector. Here are ten major differentiators between our solution and other cloud storage providers, collaboration portals, syncing tools and consumer vaults.

Data Security & Patents

Our secure, customizable platform, with its seven patents and Total Information Privacy and Protection (TIPP), is designed with FinServ security requirements in mind. We then couple that data security with convenience and simple, intuitive UX consumers demand.

Mobile First Strategy

Responsive design and a flexible consumer journey allow our partners to build their strategy and differentiators into our solution.

Easy Integration

Since 2013, our online safe deposit box solution has been integrated inside hundreds of U.S. financial institutions’ digital banking and mobile apps.

Growing API Library

Allows our partners to call the entire VSB online safe deposit box, just the functions they need or create new ones based on their strategy.

Our Cloud or Yours

Our platform runs in our SaaS and PaaS infrastructure or partners can build and manage their own cloud based on individual infosec and compliance requirements.


From prototype to mass deployment, our platform keeps up with our partner’s growth and provides the ability to deploy regional data zones globally.

Variable Licensing Options

Partners of all sizes can choose from SaaS to private-label Enterprise PaaS, to licensing for your cloud, to the software at the code-level with direct access to our Development Team and its collaborative development environment.

Proprietary Document Exchange

Allows consumers to easily share folders and files with the partner providing the service for lending, new account opening, and workflow automation. The partner can also automatically send eReceipts, notifications, loan docs, etc. to the consumer’s virtual strongbox speeding up delivery while eliminating paper and postage.


Data security, privacy protection, and the “right to be forgotten” built-in from the beginning opening global deployment possibilities.

Loyalty Reward Module

Allows partners to increase the size of loyal customers or groups of customers virtual strongboxes. Consumers can also easily buy more space if they want to place all their critical personal documents inside their strongbox.

We Deliver on Your Vision.