With a more technology savvy customer base comes certain expectations about your financial institutions online offerings. If there is a transaction that could be made easier with the Internet, your customer will most likely resent your bank or credit union if they have to preform an outdated task (needing to use a fax machine, for example).  Something as simple as giving you a document should not be seen as a challenge in the eyes of you customer.

The problem financial institutions face can be summed up in one word: security. If the document contains sensitive information, your team must take the proper steps to ensure it safely leaves your customers hands and ends up in your building without finding it’s way anywhere else first. While there are ways you ensured limited human error involving this transaction in the past through old-fashioned methods, there are so many benefits to utilizing the Internet—from your financial institutions perspective and your customers.

With My Virtual StrongBox, you can exchange files within the security of the online safe deposit box. Our patent pending technology allows files to be encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring the layer of security an email with an attached document lacks. The solution also allows both parties to send files to a third party, like lawyers or auditors. Below you can see some of the advantages of investing in a solution that provides a safe channel to exchange files.

  1. Increase Operational Efficiency. The exchange of documents will not only be transferred more securely, but also more quickly. You no longer have to wait on the mail or for customers to find a fax machine. The files will also be more organized and easy to find when all placed in the same system.
  2. Heavy file? No problem. Even if you don’t necessarily need the security of My Virtual StrongBox, some files are just too heavy to be emailed. The online safe deposit box easily resolves the issues of transferring larger files quickly and without frustration.
  3. Highlight Innovations. Yes, this file exchange shows how easy it is to work with your bank or credit union, but it also highlights a new service that is extremely forward-thinking: the online safe deposit box. Not only are you distributing sensitive files, but your giving customers a place to store them. Also, while you are worried about the security of transferring files, your customers are worried about their files overall safety. Hacking and data loss are just two concerns. With My Virtual StrongBox you also provide a needed solution from one online source they know they can trust: your financial institution’s online banking platform.

If your financial institution is looking for ways to exchange documents digitally, sign up for the My Virtual StrongBox webinar today to see if our solution may fit your needs. Visit www.digitalmailer.com/webinars today.

About The Author

Samantha Thrift is a Sales Associate at Virtual StrongBox, the online safe deposit box for valuable items such as wills, birth certificates, and other important papers. Find out more at www.MyVirtualStrongBox.com.

About My Virtual StrongBox

Launched in 2012, My Virtual StrongBox functions as an online safe deposit box for valuable items such as wills, birth certificates, insurance and tax documents, family photographs and other important papers. Users keep these items secure by loading them into protected, online document libraries. One important feature is that the product is an actual depository, not just a temporary storage drop or transfer station. Find out more at MyVirtualStrongBox.com