Secure Off-chain Storage and File Exchange

A secure Blockchain off-chain storage and exchange platform for related users to access and share documents.

Our off-chain storage exists because non-transaction data, with personal information, shouldn’t be stored in blockchain technology.

A few of the obvious advantages of storing pictures, contracts, PDFs, and documents are:

• It’s faster. The transactions are recorded instantly, without having to wait for the network confirmations.

• It’s cheaper. Transactions done off-chain are less expensive.

• It’s more private. These transfers are not visible on the public blockchain.

Stellar Platform Integration Off-chain Storage Use Case

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Our platform has a powerful library of APIs and components that can be customized to solve your off-chain storage needs!

Extensive API Library

View our extensive API library:

Secure Digital Vault Application

It all starts with a massive secure digital vault for the secure collection, protection and exchange of sensitive information.

Patents and Security Layer

Engage your digital consumer with confidence using the Virtual StrongBox platform. TIPP (Total Information Privacy & Protection) and our patented security guarantee that accountholder’s files are safe and completely private.

Off-chain Storage & Exchange

Authentication Layer

Only let’s authorized users access to the platform or their digital vault.

User Experience and Interface Layer

Customize the customer journey to meet your strategic vision

Secure Forms & eSign Application

Send forms to customers to collect the necessary documentation and data to complete transactions.

Let’s talk secure off-chain storage and exchange.

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